Universal Plant ChIP-seq Kit

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Temporal modification of H3K9/14ac and H3K4me3 histone marksmediates mechano-responsive gene expression during the accommodationprocess in poplar
Published: February, 2023

Abstract: Plants can attenuate their molecular response to repetitive mechanical stimulation as a function of their mechanical history. For instance, a single bending of stem is sufficient to attenuate the gene expression in poplar plants to the subsequent ...
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Winter warming post floral initiation delays flowering via bud dormancyactivation and affects yield in a winter annual crop.
Published: September, 2022

Abstract: Winter annual life history is conferred by the requirement for vernalization to promote the floral transition and control the timing of flowering. Here we show using winter oilseed rape that flowering time is controlled by inflorescence bud dorman...
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AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 16 (StARF16) regulates defense gene StNPR1 upon infection with necrotrophic pathogen in potato.
Published: April, 2022

Abstract: We demonstrate a new regulatory mechanism in the jasmonic acid (JA) and salicylic acid (SA) mediated crosstalk in potato defense response, wherein, miR160 target StARF16 (a gene involved in growth and development) binds to the promoter of StNPR1 (...
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GIF1 controls ear inflorescence architecture and floral development byregulating key genes in hormone biosynthesis and meristem determinacy inmaize.
Published: March, 2022

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Inflorescence architecture and floral development in flowering plants are determined by genetic control of meristem identity, determinacy, and maintenance. The ear inflorescence meristem in maize (Zea mays) initiates short branch meris...
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Chromosomal variations of species revealed by FISH with rDNAs andcentromeric histone H3 variant associated DNAs
Published: September, 2021

Abstract: Lycoris species have various chromosome numbers and karyotypes, but all have a constant total number of chromosome major arms. In addition to three fundamental types, including metacentric (M-), telocentric (T-), and acrocentric (A-) chromosomes, ...
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Expression of in the Stem Cell Domain Is Required for ItsFunction in the Control of Floral Meristem Activity in Arabidopsis
Published: July, 2021

Abstract: In the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, the zinc-finger transcription factor KNUCKLES (KNU) plays an important role in the termination of floral meristem activity, a process that is crucial for preventing the overgrowth of flowers. The KNU gene i...
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