Genome-wide search reveals the existence of a limited number of thyroid hormone receptor alpha target genes in cerebellar neurons.

Chatonnet F, Guyot R, Picou F, Bondesson M, Flamant F

Thyroid hormone (T3) has a major influence on cerebellum post-natal development. The major phenotypic landmark of exposure to low levels of T3 during development (hypothyroidism) in the cerebellum is the retarded inward migration of the most numerous cell type, granular neurons. In order to identify the direct genetic regulation exerted by T3 on cerebellar neurons and their precursors, we used microarray RNA hybridization to perform a time course analysis of T3 induced gene expression in primary cultures of cerebellar neuronal cell. These experiments suggest that we identified a small set of genes which are directly regulated, both in vivo and in vitro, during cerebellum post-natal development. These modest changes suggest that T3 does not acts directly on granular neurons and mainly indirectly influences the cellular interactions taking place during development.

Chromatin Shearing

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May, 2012



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