NER factors are recruited to active promoters and facilitate chromatin modification for transcription in the absence of exogenous genotoxic attack.

Le May N, Mota-Fernandes D, Vélez-Cruz R, Iltis I, Biard D, Egly JM

Upon gene activation, we found that RNA polymerase II transcription machinery assembles sequentially with the nucleotide excision repair (NER) factors at the promoter. This recruitment occurs in absence of exogenous genotoxic attack, is sensitive to transcription inhibitors, and depends on the XPC protein. The presence of these repair proteins at the promoter of activated genes is necessary in order to achieve optimal DNA demethylation and histone posttranslational modifications (H3K4/H3K9 methylation, H3K9/14 acetylation) and thus efficient RNA synthesis. Deficiencies in some NER factors impede the recruitment of others and affect nuclear receptor transactivation. Our data suggest that there is a functional difference between the presence of the NER factors at the promoters (which requires XPC) and the NER factors at the distal regions of the gene (which requires CSB). While the latter may be a repair function, the former is a function with respect to transcription unveiled in the current study.

Chromatin Shearing

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April, 2010



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