Epigenetics and suicide: investigating altered H3K14ac unveiled differential expression in ADORA2A, B4GALT2 and MMP14

Arčan IŠ et al.

Background: Environmental factors make an important contribution to suicide. Histone tails are prone to different modifications, leading to changes of chromatin (de)condensation and consequently gene expression. Materials & methods: Level of H3K14ac was studied with chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by high-throughput DNA sequencing. Genes were further validated with RT-qPCR; using hippocampal tissue. Results: We showed lowered H3K14ac levels in individuals who died by suicide. The genes ADORA2A, B4GALT2 and MMP14 showed differential expression in individuals who died by suicide. Identified genetic and protein interactions among genes show interactions with suicide-related genes. Conclusion: Further investigations of histone modifications in association with DNA methylation and miRNA are needed to expand our knowledge of the genes that could significantly contribute to suicide.


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March, 2024


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