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High-throughput ChIPmentation: freely scalable, single day ChIPseq data generation from very low cell-numbers.

Gustafsson C, De Paepe A, Schmidl C, Månsson R

BACKGROUND: Chromatin immunoprecipitation coupled to sequencing (ChIP-seq) is widely used to map histone modifications and transcription factor binding on a genome-wide level. RESULTS: We present high-throughput ChIPmentation (HT-ChIPmentation) that eliminates the need for DNA purification prior to library amplification and reduces reverse-crosslinking time from hours to minutes. CONCLUSIONS: The resulting workflow is easily established, extremely rapid, and compatible with requirements for very low numbers of FACS sorted cells, high-throughput applications and single day data generation.


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January, 2019


Products used in this publication

  • ChIP-seq Grade
    CTCF Antibody - ChIP-seq Grade
  • ChIP-seq Grade
    H3K27ac Antibody - ChIP-seq Grade

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