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Comparison of protein precipitation methods for various rat brain structures prior to proteomic analysis

Fic E, Kedracka-Krok S, Jankowska U, Pirog A, Dziedzicka-Wasylewska M,

Sample preparation is a fundamental step in proteomic methodologies. The quality of the results from a proteomic experiment is dependent on the nature of the sample and the properties of the proteins. In this study, various pre-treatment methods were compared by proteomic analysis; we analysed various rat brain structures after chloroform/methanol, acetone, TCA/acetone and TCA protein precipitation procedures. The protein content of the supernatant was also examined by 2-DE. We found that for four of the rat brain structures, precipitation with chloroform/methanol and acetone delivered the highest protein recovery for top-down proteomic analysis; however, TCA precipitation resulted in good protein separation and the highest number of protein spots in 2-DE. Moreover, TCA precipitation also gave high efficiency of protein recovery if prior sonication procedure was performed.

Tissue Homogenization

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