Enhanced infra-red emission from sub-millimeter microelectromechanical systems micro hotplates via inkjet deposited carbon nanoparticles and fullerenes

De Luca A., Cole M. T., Fasoli A., Ali S. Z., Udrea F., Milne W. I.

In this paper, we demonstrate a micro-inkjet printing technique as a reproducible post-process for the deposition of carbon nanoparticles and fullerene adlayers onto fully CMOS compatible micro-electro-mechanical silicon-on-insulator infrared (IR) light sources to enhance their infrared emission. We show experimentally a significant increase in the infrared emission efficiency of the coated emitters. We numerically validate these findings with models suggesting a dominant performance increase for wavelengths <5.5 μm. Here, the bimodal size distribution in the diameter of the carbon nanoparticles, relative to the fullerenes, is an effective mediator towards topologically enhanced emittance of our miniaturised emitters. A 90% improvement in IR emission power density has been shown which we have rationalised with an increase in the mean thickness of the deposited carbon nanoparticle adlayer.


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June, 2013



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