Cell lysis directed by sigmaE in early stationary phase and effect of induction of the rpoE gene on global gene expression in Escherichia coli.

Kabir MS, Yamashita D, Koyama S, Oshima T, Kurokawa K, Maeda M, Tsunedomi R, Murata M, Wada C, Mori H, Yamada M

It has been shown that Escherichia coli cells with increased expression of the rpoE gene encoding sigma(E) exhibit enhanced cell lysis in early stationary phase. Further analysis of the lysis phenomenon was performed using a transient expression system of the rpoE gene and by DNA microarray. The former analysis revealed a sigma(E)-directed cell lysis, specific for early stationary phase but not for the exponential phase. The microarray analysis with RNAs from exponential and early stationary phase cells revealed that a large number of genes were up- or down-regulated when the rpoE gene was induced, and that several genes were induced in a phase-specific manner. The upregulated genes include many previously identified sigma(E) regulon genes, suggesting that a large number of genes are under the control of sigma(E) in this organism. These genes are involved in various cellular activities, including the cell envelope, cellular processes, regulatory functions, transport and translation. Genes that are presumably related to phase-specific cell lysis in E. coli are discussed.

Cell Lysis

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August, 2005



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