Genome-wide DNA Methylation Profiles of Small Intestine and Liver in Fast-growing and Slow-growing Weaning Piglets

Kwak W, Kim J-N, Kim D, Hong JS, Jeong JH, Kim H, Cho S, Kim YY

Although growth rate is one o f the main economic traits of concern in pig production, there is limited knowledge on its epigenetic regulation, such as DNA methylation. In this study, we conducted met hyl - CpG binding domain protein - enriched genome sequencing ( MBD - seq ) to compare genome - wide DNA methylation profile of small intestine and liver tissue between fast - and slow - growing weaning piglets. The genome - wide methylation pattern between the two different growing groups showed similar proportion of CpG ( regions of DNA where a cytosine nucleotide occurs next to a guanine nucleotide in the linear sequence ) coverage, genomic regions, and gene regions. D ifferentially methylated region s and genes were also identified for downstream analysis. In canonical pathway analysis using differentially methylated genes, pathways (triacylglycerol pathway, some cell cycle related pathways, and insulin receptor signaling pathway ) expected to be related to growth rate were enriched in the two organ tissues. Differentially methylated genes were also organize d in gene networks related to the cellular development, growth, and carbohydrate metabolism. Even though further study is required , the result of this study may contribute to the understanding of epigenetic regulation in pig growth


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