A Forward Genetic Screen Identifies Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 3, Subunit H (eIF3h), as an Enhancer of Variegation in the Mouse.

Daxinger L, Oey H, Apedaile A, Sutton J, Ashe A, Whitelaw E

We have used a forward genetic screen to identify genes required for transgene silencing in the mouse. Previously these genes were found using candidate-based sequencing, a slow and labor-intensive process. Recently, whole-exome deep sequencing has accelerated our ability to find the causative point mutations, resulting in the discovery of novel and sometimes unexpected genes. Here we report the identification of translation initiation factor 3, subunit H (eIF3h) in two modifier of murine metastable epialleles (Mommes) lines. Mice carrying mutations in this gene have not been reported previously, and a possible involvement of eIF3h in transcription or epigenetic regulation has not been considered.

DNA shearing

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November, 2012



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