Optical trapping of carbon nanotubes

Maragò O. M., Gucciardi P. G., Bonaccorso F., Calogero G., Scardaci V., Rozhin A. G., Ferrari A. C., Jones P. H., Saija R., Borghese F., Denti P., Iatì M. A.

Optical trapping is a new tool for the manipulation and deposition of single wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) bundles. We present a study on optical trapping and manipulation of SWNT bundles in different environments, aimed at understanding the trapping mechanism. SWNTs are dispersed in water or organic solvents, and a wide range of both ionic and non-ionic surfactants, with different chain lengths, is used. We demonstrate that the surfactant plays a key role in optical trapping, strongly affecting the trapping force. Finally we discuss the calculation of radiation force for quasi-one-dimensional (1D) nanoparticles by means of field expansion in the framework of the T-matrix approach.


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May, 2008



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