Universal Mastermix 7.5ml

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The Universal Mastermix is a Hotstart Mastermix designed to simplify the preparation of a real-time PCR assay. The Universal Mastermix contains a Hotstart Taq NA polymerase, optimised reaction buffer, 4mM (final concentration) MgCl2 and nucleotides (dNTPs). In separate tubes, passive reference (ROX), SYBR® Green, and FITC.

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    Metabolic and Innate Immune Cues Merge into a Specific Inflammatory Response via the UPR.
    Mogilenko DA, Haas JT, L'homme L, Fleury S, Quemener S, Levavasseur M, Becquart C, Wartelle J, Bogomolova A, Pineau L, Molendi-Coste O, Lancel S, Dehondt H, Gheeraert C, Melchior A, Dewas C, Nikitin A, Pic S, Rabhi N, Annicotte JS, Oyadomari S, Velasco-He
    Innate immune responses are intricately linked with intracellular metabolism of myeloid cells. Toll-like receptor (TLR) stimulation shifts intracellular metabolism toward glycolysis, while anti-inflammatory signals depend on enhanced mitochondrial respiration. How exogenous metabolic signals affect the immune respon...

    Aster Proteins Facilitate Nonvesicular Plasma Membrane to ER Cholesterol Transport in Mammalian Cells.
    Sandhu J, Li S, Fairall L, Pfisterer SG, Gurnett JE, Xiao X, Weston TA, Vashi D, Ferrari A, Orozco JL, Hartman CL, Strugatsky D, Lee SD, He C, Hong C, Jiang H, Bentolila LA, Gatta AT, Levine TP, Ferng A, Lee R, Ford DA, Young SG, Ikonen E, Schwabe JWR, To
    The mechanisms underlying sterol transport in mammalian cells are poorly understood. In particular, how cholesterol internalized from HDL is made available to the cell for storage or modification is unknown. Here, we describe three ER-resident proteins (Aster-A, -B, -C) that bind cholesterol and facilitate its remov...

    Development of PCR screening assays focused on genecoding sequences for GMO detection
    Frédéric Debode, Éric Janssen, Gilbert Berben
    For the detection of genetically modifed organisms (GMO), screening is the frst step used to determine if a GMO or its derived products are present in food or feed. If the result is positive, additional tests must be done to identify and, where necessary, quantify the genetically modifed (GM) event present. The scre...

    Development of Real-time PCR Assays for the Detection of the pin II Terminator (tpinII) Used in GM Constructs and Its Donor Organism, Potato (Solanum tuberosum)
    Debode Frederic, Zdeňková Kamila, Janssen Eric, Tizolova Anette, du Jardin Patrick, Berben Gilbert, Demnerova Kateřina
    G-rich DNA sequences can form four-stranded G-quadruplex (G4) secondary structures and are linked to fundamental biological processes such as transcription, replication and telomere maintenance. G4s are also implicated in promoting genome instability, cancer and other diseases. Here, we describe a detailed G4 ChIP-s...

    Detection of Hermetia illucens by real-time PCR
    Marien A., Debode F., Aerts C., Ancion C., Francis F., Berben G.
    Insects are rich in proteins and could be an alternative source of macronutrients to feed animals and humans. Over the past few years, numerous companies have started producing insects for feed purposes. In Europe, the processed animal proteins obtained from seven insect species have been authorised for aquaculture ...

    Impact of Lactobacillus plantarum ST-III on the composition of infant gut microbiota and its potential synergism with breast milk and infant formula as revealed by an in vitro study
    Yan Minghui, Chen Wanyi, Li Nan, Ren Jing, Chen Chen, You Chunping, Liu Zhenmin
    Several studies have demonstrated the effect of probiotics on prevention of diseases in infants. However, the mechanisms remain not fully addressed. In the present study a modified standard ileal efflux medium (SIEM) was exploited in an in vitro analysis and the effect of Lactobacillus plantarum ST-III on the compos...

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