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Protease Inhibitor Mix, 300 µl

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300 µl

This protease inhibitor Mix (P.I.) has been extensively validated in chromatin immunoprecipitation assays (ChIP). It contains inhibitors with a broad specificity for serine, cysteine, and acid proteases, and aminopeptidase. 

Our protease inhibitor Mix is used during the shearing and the immunoprecipitation of the chromatin (ChIP). It is included in our OneDay ChIP KIT (cat# kch-onedIP-060, -180). It is now separately available.

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    Smad anchor for receptor activation nuclear localization during development identifies Layers V and VI of the neocortex.
    Mestres I, Einsiedel M, Möller J, Cardoso de Toledo B
    Smad anchor for receptor activation (SARA, zfyve9) has been classically observed in early endosomes of different cells types where it regulates vesicular transport of proteins and membrane components. Very few other members of the zinc finger FYVE domain-containing family (zfyve) have different functions other than ...

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