MeCP2 peptide

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50 µg/50 µl

Synthetic peptide derived from the C-terminus of the mouse MeCP2 protein. 
This peptide was used as immunogen to raise the Diagenode ChIP-grade antibody directed against MeCP2 (Cat. No. pAb-052-050). The same peptide can be used to block this antibody in negative control experiments. 

For more information about MeCP2: see overview in the Technical Data Sheet of our ChIP-grade antibody directed against MeCP2 (Cat. No. pAb-052-050).

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    Datasheet MeCP2 sp052 DATASHEET
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    Datasheet MeCP2 pAb-052-050 DATASHEET
    Datasheet description
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    Epigenetic Silencing of OR and TAS2R Genes Expression inHuman Orbitofrontal Cortex At Early Stages of SporadicAlzheimer’s Disease
    Alves Victoria Cunha et al.
    Modulation of brain olfactory (OR) and taste receptors (TASR) expression was recently reported in neurological diseases. We explored the possible expression and regulation of selected OR and TASR genes in human orbitofrontal cortex of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and found that these are expressed and mar...

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