Diagenode Introduces New Reagent Solutions For Deep Study Of Histones And Nucleosomes
November 8, 2015

Diagenode, Inc., a leading global provider of complete solutions for epigenetics research, today announced the launch of a number of new reagent solutions to study nucleosomes and histones, the structural and functional units of chromatin. The new tools which include recombinant histones and nucleosomes, native nucleosomes, and a chromatin assembly kit, enable studies of in vitro histone post-translational modifications, nucleosome variants, nucleosome distribution, and general chromatin structure. In addition, these new products can be used in drug screening or enzymatic activity studies.

“The Diagenode Chromatin Assembly Kit is a great solution for studying your favorite DNA sequence in a natural chromatin environment that more closely mimics cellular biology,” stated Laurence Borgs, Product Manager. “In just a few hours, our kit quickly assembles chromatin that you can use for chromatin immunoprecipitation, enzymatic screening, or histone modification and transcription assays.”

Diagenode’s newest portfolio also includes a number of recombinant human histones to study specific histone modifications as well as native and recombinant nucleosomes to study potential changes resulting from histone variations and mutations within a natural chromatin setting. These products are also suitable for chromatin assembly experiments.

Borgs also stated, “Our products offer the advantage of providing a biologically relevant substrate for analyzing histones modifications or the effects of those modifications when compared to just studying histone proteins alone or using synthetic peptides.”

Didier Allaer, CEO, commented, “Since its beginning, Diagenode has been committed to being the premier provider for epigenetics research solutions. Today we show our expanding commitment to the field of epigenetics by launching a new set of tools geared toward the in-depth analysis of chromatin structure and function.”

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