Blueprint : Deciphering the epigenome of haematopoietic cells
November 15, 2012

Diagenode is proud to be part of the Blueprint consortium what is one of the two first so-called high impact research initiatives to receive funding from the EU. Being one of the most ambitious large-scale integrating project on Epigenetics, Blueprint aims at generating at least 100 reference epigenomes of blood cells.

Blueprint is a unique EU-FP7 High Impact Project involving an international consortium comprising 41 leading academic groups, research institutes and industrial partners, including Diagenode. The project aims to further the understanding of how our genes are activated or repressed, in particular in blood cells of healthy individuals and in their malignant leukaemic counterparts. Blueprint will generate a unique set of reference epigenomes and study them to advance and exploit knowledge of the underlying biological processes and mechanisms in health and disease.

In a collaborative effort requiring high quality standards, all partners are commited to use their state-of-the-art technologies to provide reference epigenomes and develop experimental and computational standardized methods to improve epigenome analysis. In Blueprint, Diagenode plays a pivotal role in the production and Quality Control of the antibodies that will be used to generate the ChIP-seq profiles. Hélène Pendeville Ph.D, R&D Manager Associate noted: "Improving the quality of antibody production and QC technologies to generate Blueprint consortium validated ChIP-seq grade antibodies will have a profound impact on the worlwide epigenetic community » . Diagenode is proud to be part of this exciting 4-year program me".

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