Diagenode launches new ChIPmentation™ technology to investigate proteins and DNA interactions from very low input amounts
November 7, 2017

Denville, NJ, USA – Liège, Belgium – November 7, 2017 Diagenode, a leading global provider for complete solutions for sample preparation and epigenetics research, has now launched a unique system that utilizes automation of chromatin immunoprecipitation coupled with a ligation-free library preparation for high-throughput sequencing , ChIPmentation.

ChIPmentation is based on the well-studied “tagmentation” method and combines both chromatin immunoprecipitation and library preparation using transposase and sequencing-compatible adaptors within the same protocol. The new ChIPmentation stands out from standard ChIP-seq library preparation by incorporating automation and a more efficient library preparation method for high efficiency and reproducibility  with low input and difficult samples.

“The new Diagenode ChIPmentation system truly represents a breakthrough in ChIP-sequencing,” said Jerome Kroonen, Ph.D., Strategic Marketing Manager at Diagenode. “The protocol integrates library preparation with ChIP on Diagenode’s IP-Star Automation System, eliminating the error-prone steps that researchers typically encounter with standard ChIP-seq, especially for challenging sample types.”

Kroonen elaborated, “ChIPmentation will soon become the standard go-to protocol for researchers who need to study the regulation of gene expression from post-translational histone modifications or transcription factor activity in clinical samples, FFPE materials, tissues, or any lower quality or low quantity samples.”

View data that has been generated with ChIPmentation and learn more about Diagenode’s ChIPmentation system

About Diagenode:

Diagenode is a leading provider of complete solutions for epigenetics research and sample preparation. The company has developed both shearing solutions for a number of applications as well as a comprehensive approach to gain new insights into epigenetics studies. The company offers innovative DNA and chromatin shearing and automation instruments, reagent kits, and high quality antibodies to streamline DNA methylation, ChIP, and ChIP-seq workflows. The company’s latest innovations include the industry’s most validated ChIP antibodies, CATS-based RNA sequencing, and epigenetics assay services. For more information about Diagenode, please visit the company’s website at www.diagenode.com.


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