iDeal ChIP-seq Kit for Transcription Factors x10 - Manual

Diagenode’s iDeal ChIP-seq Kit for Transcription Factors is a highly specialized solution for robust Transcription Factor ChIP-seq results. Unlike competing solutions, our kit utilizes a highly optimized protocol and is backed by validation with a broad number and range of transcription factors. The kit provides high yields with excellent specificity and sensitivity

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    iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Transcription Factors


  • Workshop on Chromatin Proteomics
    Crete, Greece
    Oct 3-Oct 8, 2016
  • 2nd Annual Next Generation Sequencing Congress
    Boston, USA
    Oct 3-Oct 4, 2016
  • XXXIX Reunión anual de la Sociedad de Bioquimica y Biología Molecular de Chile
    Puerto Varas, Chile
    Sep 27-Sep 30, 2016
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