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Multi-omics: Welcome to the age of the EPIGENOME

In the age of multi-omics, researchers seek to uncover the many layers of biological systems.  The image above illustrates the layers of  progressive understanding of cellular functions and interactions from studying the genome to understanding the complexities of the environmental interactions through epigenomics. Researchers begin with genome study for the simplicity of understanding DNA sequences and the high level detection of genes. Progressive layers uncover further details: transcriptomics to understand mRNAs, proteomics to uncover protein expression and characterization, and metabolomics to study metabolites. The final epigenome layer is critical. In epigenomics, researchers aim to uncover the complexities of the influence of the environment on the expression of  genes, putting the other "omics layers" in a meaningful and relevant biological context.

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services chip-seq - human
services chip-seq - animals
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Let us do your epigenetics studies. Save time and utilize our expertise. Discover modifications and how changes on chromatin and DNA influence expression of genes.

Fields of interest:

  • Academic and research institutes
  • Oncology, cancer research
  • Neuroscience research
  • Agrigenomics, plant & animals, agriculture
  • Environmental toxicology
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Pharma & health
  • Clinical and diagnostic laboratories
  • Food & drugs

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