Transcriptional profiling of day 12 porcine embryonic disc and trophectoderm samples using ultra-deep sequencing technologies.

Isom SC, Spollen WG, Blake SM, Bauer BK, Springer GK, Prather RS

cDNA derived from trophectoderm (TE) and embryonic disc (ED) of a single day 12 porcine embryo was subjected to next-generation sequencing using the Illumina platform. The short sequencing reads from triplicate sequencing runs were aligned to a custom database designed to represent the known porcine transcriptome. As expected, genes involved in epithelial cell function and steroid biosynthesis were more abundant in cells from the TE; genes involved in maintenance of pluripotency and chromatin remodeling were more highly expressed in cells from the ED. Quantitative real-time PCR was used to confirm the validity of the approach. We conclude that gene expression profiles of even extremely small samples (

DNA shearing

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September, 2010



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