Long-term effects of myo-inositol on traumatic brain injury: Epigenomic and transcriptomic studies

Oganezovi N. et al.

Background and purpose
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its consequences remain great challenges for neurology. Consequences of TBI are associated with various alterations in the brain but little is known about long-term changes of epigenetic DNA methylation patterns. Moreover, nothing is known about potential treatments that can alter these epigenetic changes in beneficial ways. Therefore, we have examined myo-inositol (MI), which has positive effects on several pathological conditions.
TBI was induced in mice by controlled cortical impact (CCI). One group of CCI animals received saline injections for two months (TBI+SAL), another CCI group received MI treatment (TBI+MI) for the same period and one group served as a sham-operated control. Mice were sacrificed 4 months after CCI and changes in DNA methylome and transcriptomes were examined.
For the first time we: (i) provide comprehensive map of long-term DNA methylation changes after CCI in the hippocampus; (ii) identify differences by methylation sites between the groups; (iii) characterize transcriptome changes; (iv) provide association between DNA methylation sites and gene expression. MI treatment is linked with upregulation of genes covering 33 biological processes, involved in immune response and inflammation. In support of these findings, we have shown that expression of BATF2, a transcription factor involved in immune-regulatory networks, is upregulated in the hippocampus of the TBI+MI group where the BATF2 gene is demethylated.
TBI is followed by long-term epigenetic and transcriptomic changes in hippocampus. MI treatment has a significant effect on these processes by modulation of immune response and biological pathways of inflammation.

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January, 2024


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