DNA hydroxymethylation control package

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The DNA hydroxymethylation control package includes one hydroxymethylated spike-in control and its corresponding qPCR primer pair. The control can be added directly to the DNA sample of interest before any hydroxymethylation profiling experiment (e.g. with Diagenode's hMeDIP Kit).

The hydroxymethylated spike-in control is a linear dsDNA that has been produced by PCR using the Diagenode’s MethylTaq DNA polymerase and hydroxymethyl dCTPs replacing normal cytosine nucleotides.

The hydroxymethylated spike-in control is based on a synthetic sequence and does not show significant homology with model species (or human, mouse or rat genomic sequences).

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    5-Hydroxymethylation highlights the heterogeneity in keratinization andcell junctions in head and neck cancers.
    Liu, Siyu and de Medeiros, Marcell Costa and Fernandez, Evan M and Zarins,Katie R and Cavalcante, Raymond G and Qin, Tingting and Wolf, Gregory T andFigueroa, Maria E and D'Silva, Nisha J and Rozek, Laura S and Sartor,Maureen A
    BACKGROUND: Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is the sixth most prevalent cancer worldwide, with human papillomavirus (HPV)-related HNSCC rising to concerning levels. Extensive clinical, genetic and epigenetic differences exist between HPV-associated HNSCC and HPV-negative HNSCC, which is often linked to...

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