D-Plex Unique Dual Indexes for Illumina - Set D

24 rxns

D-Plex Unique Dual Indexes Module - Set A includes primer pairs with 24 unique dual barcodes (unique i5 and i7 indexes) for library multiplexing with the D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit

These unique dual indexes (UDI) were designed and validated to fit the D-Plex technology for Illumina sequencing. Addition of a unique molecular identifier (UMI) sequence enables the accurate bioinformatic identification and removal of PCR errors or duplicates from amplified libraries.

The use of UDI is highly recommended to mitigate errors introduced by read misassignment, including index hopping frequently observed with patterned flow cells such as Illumina’s NovaSeq system.

Two sets are available separately: 

Each set can be used for library multiplexing up to 24. Set A and Set B can be used simultaneously for library multiplexing up to 48.

Read more about the D-Plex technology. 

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  • Multiplexing

    D-Plex RNA-seq UDI library constructs bear the TruSeq (Illumina) HT adapters. In case of a multiplexing scenario, it is therefore recommended to submit the D-Plex libraries as TruSeq HT libraries to your sequencing provider. Further details are provided in the D-Plex Unique Dual Indexes Module manual.

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