24 Dual indexes for MicroPlex Kit v3 /48 rxns

48 rxns

Diagenode’s MicroPlex Library Preparation Kits v3 have been extensively validated for ChIP-seq library prep from ChIP-derived DNA. The kit MicroPlex v3 has to be purchased with the compatible set of dual indexes. This set of dual indexes allows for multiplexing up to 24 samples.

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  • Characteristics
    • 1 tube, 2 hours, 3 steps protocol
    • Input: 50 pg – 50 ng
    • Reduce potential bias - few PCR amplification cycles needed
    • High sensitivity ChIP-seq - low PCR duplication rate
    • Great multiplexing flexibility
    • Validated with the IP-Star Compact Automated Platform

    How it works

    Microplex workflow - protocol with dual indexes
    An input of 50 pg to 50 ng of fragmented dsDNA is converted into sequencing-ready libraries for Illumina® NGS platforms using a fast and simple 3-step protocol

    • Read more about MicroPlex workflow

      Step 1. Template Preparation provides efficient repair of the fragmented double-stranded DNA input.

      In this step, the DNA is repaired and yields molecules with blunt ends.

      Step 2. Library Synthesis. enables ligation of MicroPlex patented stem- loop adapters.

      In the next step, stem-loop adaptors with blocked 5’ ends are ligated with high efficiency to the 5’ end of the genomic DNA, leaving a nick at the 3’ end. The adaptors cannot ligate to each other and do not have single- strand tails, both of which contribute to non-specific background found with many other NGS preparations.

      Step 3. Library Amplification enables extension of the template, cleavage of the stem-loop adaptors, and amplification of the library. Illumina- compatible indexes are also introduced using a high-fidelity, highly- processive, low-bias DNA polymerase.

      In the final step, the 3’ ends of the genomic DNA are extended to complete library synthesis and Illumina-compatible indexes are added through a high-fidelity amplification. Any remaining free adaptors are destroyed. Hands-on time and the risk of contamination are minimized by using a single tube and eliminating intermediate purifications.

      Obtained libraries are purified, quantified and sized. The libraries pooling can be performed as well before sequencing.

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    Primer indexes for MicroPlex kit v3 MANUAL
    High Performance Library Preparation for Illumina® NGS Platforms
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