Pathophysiological adaptations of resistance arteries in rat offspringexposed in utero to maternal obesity is associated with sex-specificepigenetic alterations.

Payen Cyrielle et al.

BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Maternal obesity impacts vascular functions linked to metabolic disorders in offspring, leading to cardiovascular diseases during adulthood. Even if the relation between prenatal conditioning of cardiovascular diseases by maternal obesity and vascular function begins to be documented, little is known about resistance arteries. They are of particular interest because of their specific role in the regulation of local blood flow. Then our study aims to determine if maternal obesity can directly program fetal vascular dysfunction of resistance arteries, independently of metabolic disorders. METHODS: With a model of rats exposed in utero to mild maternal diet-induced obesity (OMO), we investigated third-order mesenteric arteries of 4-month old rats in absence of metabolic disorders. The methylation profile of these vessels was determined by reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS). Vascular structure and reactivity were investigated using histomorphometry analysis and wire-myography. The metabolic function was evaluated by insulin and glucose tolerance tests, plasma lipid profile, and adipose tissue analysis. RESULTS: At 4 months of age, small mesenteric arteries of OMO presented specific epigenetic modulations of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), collagens, and potassium channels genes in association with an outward remodeling and perturbations in the endothelium-dependent vasodilation pathways (greater contribution of EDHFs pathway in OMO males compared to control rats, and greater implication of PGI in OMO females compared to control rats). These vascular modifications were detected in absence of metabolic disorders. CONCLUSIONS: Our study reports a specific methylation profile of resistance arteries associated with vascular remodeling and vasodilation balance perturbations in offspring exposed in utero to maternal obesity, in absence of metabolic dysfunctions.

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May, 2021


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