Cell-free DNA methylation-defined prognostic subgroups in small celllung cancer identified by leukocyte methylation subtraction

Ul Haq Sami et al.

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) methylome is understudied. Here, we comprehensively profile SCLC using cell-free methylated DNA immunoprecipitation followed by sequencing (cfMeDIP-seq). Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from plasma of 74 SCLC patients pre-treatment and from 20 non-cancer participants, genomic DNA (gDNA) from peripheral blood leukocytes from the same 74 patients and 7 accompanying circulating-tumour-cell patient-derived xenografts (CDX) underwent cfMeDIP-seq. PeRIpheral blood leukocyte MEthylation (PRIME) subtraction to improve tumour specificity. SCLC cfDNA methylation is distinct from non-cancer but correlates with CDX tumor methylation. PRIME and k-means consensus identified two methylome clusters with prognostic associations that related to axon guidance, neuroactive ligand−receptor interaction, pluripotency of stem cells, and differentially methylated at long noncoding RNA and other repeats features. We comprehensively profiled the SCLC methylome in a large patient cohort and identified methylome clusters with prognostic associations. Our work demonstrates the potential of liquid biopsies in examining SCLC biology encoded in the methylome.

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November, 2022


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