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Make your Bisulfite conversion now in only 90 minutes !

Diagenode's Premium Bisulfite Kit rapidly converts DNA through bisulfite treatment. Our conversion reagent is added directly to DNA, requires no intermediate steps, and results in high yields of DNA ready for downstream analysis methods including PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing.

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    Premium Bisulfite kit MANUAL
    Fastest method for complete bisulfite conversion of DNA for methylation analysis. ...
    DNA Methylation Solutions BROCHURE
    Complete solution for DNA methylation studies! Whether you are experienced or new to th...
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    Development and inter-laboratory validation of the VISAGE enhanced toolfor age estimation from semen using quantitative DNA methylationanalysis.
    Heidegger A. et al.
    The analysis of DNA methylation has become an established method for chronological age estimation. This has triggered interest in the forensic community to develop new methods for age estimation from biological crime scene material. Various assays are available for age estimation from somatic tissues, the majority f...

    Differential epigenetic regulation between the alternative promoters,PRDM1α and PRDM1β, of the tumour suppressor gene PRDM1 in humanmultiple myeloma cells.
    Romero-García, Raquel and Gómez-Jaramillo, Laura and Mateos, Rosa Maríaand Jiménez-Gómez, Gema and Pedreño-Horrillo, Nuria and Foncubierta,Esther and Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Juan Francisco and Garzón, Sebastiánand Mora-López, Francisco and Rodríguez, Carm
    Multiple myeloma (MM) is a B-cell neoplasm that is characterized by the accumulation of malignant plasma cells in the bone marrow. The transcription factor PRDM1 is a master regulator of plasma cell development and is considered to be an oncosuppressor in several lymphoid neoplasms. The PRDM1β isoform is an alt...

    Recombination may occur in the absence of transcription in the immunoglobulin heavy chain recombination centre.
    Oudinet C, Braikia FZ, Dauba A, Khamlichi AA
    Developing B cells undergo V(D)J recombination to generate a vast repertoire of Ig molecules. V(D)J recombination is initiated by the RAG1/RAG2 complex in recombination centres (RCs), where gene segments become accessible to the complex. Whether transcription is the causal factor of accessibility or whether it is a ...

    Developmental regulation of DNA cytosine methylation at the immunoglobulin heavy chain constant locus.
    Oudinet C, Braikia FZ, Dauba A, Santos JM, Khamlichi AA
    DNA cytosine methylation is involved in the regulation of gene expression during development and its deregulation is often associated with disease. Mammalian genomes are predominantly methylated at CpG dinucleotides. Unmethylated CpGs are often associated with active regulatory sequences while methylated CpGs are of...

    Reproducibility of methylated CpG typing with the Illumina MiSeq
    Kampmann M.L. et al.
    DNA methylation patterns may be used for identification of body fluids and for age estimation of human individuals. We evaluated some of the challenges and pitfalls of studying methylated CpG sites. We compared the methylated CpG analysis of two different methods 1) massively parallel sequencing (MPS) using the Il...

    Faithful SGCE imprinting in iPSC-derived cortical neurons: an endogenous cellular model of myoclonus-dystonia
    Grütz K. et al.
    In neuropathology research, induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived neurons are considered a tool closely resembling the patient brain. Albeit in respect to epigenetics, this concept has been challenged. We generated iPSC-derived cortical neurons from myoclonus-dystonia patients with mutations (W100G and R102X)...

    Regulation of Hox orthologues in the oyster Crassostrea gigas evidences a functional role for promoter DNA methylation in an invertebrate.
    Saint-Carlier E, Riviere G
    DNA methylation within promoter regions (PRDM) controls vertebrate early gene transcription and thereby development, but is neglected outside this group. However, epigenetic features in the oyster Crassostrea gigas suggest functional significance of PDRM in invertebrates. To investigate this, reporter constructs con...

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