Diagenode One sonication device

Bioruptor One
User friendly software
Tight fragment size distribution
All-in-one desktop device
Integrated temperature control
Sample size 20 µl or 50 µl
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The Diagenode One is the desktop solution that provides optimal DNA shearing for Next-Generation-Sequencing and Chromatin shearing for ChIP analysis with small samples. Designed to fit any bench, it is the smallest and lightest Diagenode shearing device. The fully integrated cooling system and the all-new 20 and 50 µl microfluidic chips have been enhanced to deliver the highest performance. 

  • Compact size
  • Small volume DNA and Chromatin shearing for optimal sample prep
  • Fully integrated system


As Genomic services facility, Genoma Lab team, have a large experience, processing different samples for NGS library prep and usually those protocols start with a fragmentation step and frequently the enzimatic option works fine at the first attemp, for the majority kind of samples, Some complex samples (environmental and clinical samples) are more resistant and require more treatments with different setups, which is a problem in low amount DNA and unique samples, causing at the same time a negative impact in experimental planning, times of processing samples and cost. Because of this, the introduction of mechanical fragmentation strategy, using Diagenoder One, became more relevant in the Lab routine. Bioruptor One improved our NGS workflows, providing better quality, cost and time of experiments, with a quick, easy, versatile and clean method!

Ph.D. Carolina Sánchez & Genoma Lab team. Genomic services facility Universidad Mayor. Santiago. Chile.
  • Highly reproducible DNA shearing

    The One provide the most consistent and ideal shearing (200 bp - 1 kb) to ensure subsequent high quality NGS data.

    High and homogeneous shearing performance. Fragment AnalyzerTM (Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.) profile showing the tight distribution for 8 independent DNA samples prepared with the One.

  • Unbiased DNA shearing for Next-Generation Sequencing

    The One is specifically designed to prepare high-quality sheared DNA prior to create unbiaised libraries with even distribution and representation of the genome. The perfect unbiased shearing enables ultra-high and uniform coverage of libraries prepared from even AT-GC (E. Coli), AT-rich (S. Epidermis) and, GC-rich (B. Pertussis) bacterial genomes. The whole-genome sequencing on the Illumina® platform (Hiseq instrument, 50 base long single end reads) shows an excellent distribution for all three genomes.

    E. Coli genome uniform and consitent coverage. Number of matched reads to the reference genome.

    S. Epidermis genome uniform and consitent coverage. Number of matched reads to the reference genome.

    B. Pertussis genome uniform and consitent coverage. Number of matched reads to the reference genome.

    Unbiaised E. Coli DNA shearing for best coverage. Overall distribution of read depths for an even AT-GC genome.

    Unbiaised S. Epidermis DNA shearing for best coverage. Overall distribution of read depths for a AT-rich genome.

    Unbiaised B. Pertussis DNA shearing for best coverage. Overall distribution of read depths for a CG-rich genome.

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    We sheared the DNA on the Diagenode One and used the MicroPlex Library Preparation v2 Kit to create DNA libraries for whole genome sequencing of four plant species for which there is no reference genome available. Previous attempts with a commercial Tn5-transposase based method gave unsatisfactory results. However, the Diagenode MicroPlex kit was quicker, easier, and gave the expected profile of fragment sizes. In just 30 seconds of sonication, we obtained a fragment distribution centered at 270 bp. The library construction took only 2 hours with this kit. The library was sequenced in a NexSeq 550 in High-Output mode, giving 85% based with>Q30.

    PhD. Ricardo Verdugo, Assistant Professor, University of Chile
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    Diagenode One manual MANUAL
    Manual for Diagenode One sonication machine.
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    Chromatin shearing with the Diagenode One APPLICATION NOTE
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