Association of DNA methylation signatures with premature ageing andcardiovascular death in patients with end-stage kidney disease: a pilotepigenome-wide association study.

Sumida K. et al.

Patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) display features of premature aging. There is strong evidence that changes in DNA methylation (DNAm) contribute to age-related pathologies; however, little is known about their association with premature aging and cardiovascular mortality in patients with ESKD. We assayed genome-wide DNAm in a pilot case-control study of 60 hemodialysis patients with (n=30, cases) and without (n=30, controls) a fatal cardiovascular event. DNAm was profiled on the Illumina EPIC BeadChip. Four established DNAm clocks (i.e., Horvath-, Hannum-, Pheno-, and GrimAge) were used to estimate epigenetic age (DNAmAge). Epigenetic age acceleration (EAA) was derived as the residuals of regressing DNAmAge on chronological age (chroAge), and its association with cardiovascular death was examined using multivariable conditional logistic regression. An epigenome-wide association study (EWAS) was performed to identify differentially methylated CpGs associated with cardiovascular death. All clocks performed well at predicting chroAge (correlation between DNAmAges and chroAge of r=0.76-0.89), with GrimAge showing the largest deviation from chroAge (a mean of +21.3 years). There was no significant association of EAAs with cardiovascular death. In the EWAS, a CpG (cg22305782) in the FBXL19 gene had the strongest association with cardiovascular death with significantly lower DNAm in cases vs. controls (PFDR=2.0x10-6). FBXL19 is involved in cell apoptosis, inflammation, and adipogenesis. Overall, we observed more accelerated aging in patients with ESKD, although there was no significant association of EAAs with cardiovascular death. EWAS suggests a potential novel DNAm biomarker for premature cardiovascular mortality in ESKD.

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December, 2023


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