The Capparis spinosa var. herbacea genome provides the first genomicinstrument for a diversity and evolution study of the Capparaceae family.

Wang Lei et al.

BACKGROUND: The caper bush Capparis spinosa L., one of the most economically important species of Capparaceae, is a xerophytic shrub that is well adapted to drought and harsh environments. However, genetic studies on this species are limited because of the lack of its reference genome. FINDINGS: We sequenced and assembled the Capparis spinosa var. herbacea (Willd.) genome using data obtained from the combination of PacBio circular consensus sequencing and high-throughput chromosome conformation capture. The final genome assembly was approximately 274.53 Mb (contig N50 length of 9.36 Mb, scaffold N50 of 15.15 Mb), 99.23\% of which was assigned to 21 chromosomes. In the whole-genome sequence, tandem repeats accounted for 19.28\%, and transposable element sequences accounted for 43.98\%. The proportion of tandem repeats in the C. spinosa var. herbacea genome was much higher than the average of 8.55\% in plant genomes. A total of 21,577 protein-coding genes were predicted, with 98.82\% being functionally annotated. The result of species divergence times showed that C. spinosa var. herbacea and Tarenaya hassleriana separated from a common ancestor 43.31 million years ago. CONCLUSIONS: This study reported a high-quality reference genome assembly and genome features for the Capparaceae family. The assembled C. spinosa var. herbacea genome might provide a system for studying the diversity, speciation, and evolution of this family and serve as an important resource for understanding the mechanism of drought and high-temperature resistance.


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October, 2022


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