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Detection of Abrin-Like and Prepropulchellin-Like Toxin Genes and Transcripts Using Whole Genome Sequencing and Full-Length Transcript Sequencing of .

Hovde BT, Daligault HE, Hanschen ER, Kunde YA, Johnson MB, Starkenburg SR, Johnson SL

The sequenced genome and the leaf transcriptome of a near relative of and was analyzed to characterize the genetic basis of toxin gene expression. From the high-quality genome assembly, a total of 26 potential coding regions were identified that contain genes with abrin-like, pulchellin-like, and agglutinin-like homology, with full-length transcripts detected in leaf tissue for 9 of the 26 coding regions. All of the toxin-like genes were identified within only five isolated regions of the genome, with each region containing 1 to 16 gene variants within each genomic region (<1 mbp) the cultivar sequenced here contains genes which encode for proteins that are homologous to certain abrin and prepropulchellin genes previously identified and we observed substantial diversity of genes and predicted gene products in and previously characterized toxins this suggests diverse toxin repertoires within potentially the results of rapid toxin evolution.


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November, 2019


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