DNA fragmentation and quality control analysis

Wassim Lakhal, Irina Panteleeva, Sharon Squazzo, Rini Saxena, Jerome Kroonen, Steve Siembieda, Markus Tilmes & Jonathan Hagopian

Optimal data generation using NGS platforms relies on a few sample-preparation prerequisites, namely, precise DNA fragmentation, size-range analysis, and smear quantification. The Diagenode One, Bioruptor®, Megaruptor®, and Fragment Analyzer by Advanced Analytical ensure that these first critical steps generate quality results.


NGS technologies have revolutionized genomics research. Optimal DNA shearing, sizing, and quantification during library construction are critical to generate high-quality sequencing data. DNA must be efficiently sheared to an appropriate and consistent fragment size (depending on the sequencing platform) and accurately analyzed to measure distributions and molarity concentrations. The combined use of Diagenode's shearing instruments with Advanced Analytical's Fragment Analyzer can optimize small-fragment (100 bp–1 kb) and long-fragment (2–75 kb) NGS library preparation workflows.


1. Precisely shear, size, and quantify DNA down to 100 bp for short-read sequencing.

2. Accurately shear, size, and quantify DNA up to 50 kb for long-read sequencing.


Unbiased DNA fragmentation with the Diagenode One, the Bioruptor® Pico, or the Megaruptor® for short- or long-read sequencing combined with sizing on the Fragment Analyzer delivers an efficient workflow solution for preparing and analyzing libraries with even distribution and representation of the genome.

DNA shearing

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September, 2016


Products used in this publication

  •  DNA Shearing, RNA shearing and Chromatin shearing
    Megaruptor® 2
  • Bioruptor One
    Diagenode One sonication device



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