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SI for Tagmented libraries

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24 SI

The 24 SI for tagmented libraries includes 24 single primer indexes for multiplexing up to 24 samples. The primer indexes of the 24 SI Tagmented libraries are compatible with any tagmentation-based library preparation protocols, such as ChIPmentation, ATAC-seq or CUT&Tag technologies.


One of our issues was that we could obtain only a limited number of cells, which is not enough for canonical ChIP-seq protocols. To solve this issue, we used the Diagenode ChIPmentation solution composed of iDeal ChIP-seq Kit for Transcription Factor, TAG Kit for ChIPmentation, and 24 SI for ChIPmentation. We performed ChIPmentation with IP-Star automated system for GATA6 in 2 million GATA6-overxpressing iPS cells. The result showed clear signal/noise ratio and was highly reproducible. This solution also worked in vitro differentiated definitive endoderm cells (data not shown).

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Figure 1. ChIPmentation sequencing profiles for Gata6
Chromatin preparation and immunoprecipitation have been performed on hiPSCs (human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) overexpressing Gata6 using the iDeal ChIP-seq kit for TFs (Cat. No. C01010055). Chromatin from 2,000,000 cells was used for the immunoprecipitation in combination with either anti-GATA6 antibody. The library preparation was performed with the TAG Kit for ChIPmentation (Cat. No. C01011030) and 24 SI for ChIPmentation (Cat. No. C01011031).

Takahiro Suzuki, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, Cellular Function Conversion Technology Team, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, Yokohama, Japan
  • Characteristics

    The 24 SI for Tagmented libraries is designed to be used with μChIPmentation Kit for Histones (Cat. No. C01011011) but it is also compatible with other tagmentation-based library preparation protocols, such as ATAC-seq or CUT&Tag technologies. The primer indexes for tagmented libraries contain 8-nucleotide long i7 indexes.

    Figure 1. Sequencing profiles of µChIPmentation libraries
    Chromatin preparation and immunoprecipitation have been performed on 10.000 cells using the µChIPmentation Kit for Histones (Cat. No. C01011011) and 24 SI for Tagmented libraries (Cat. No. C010111032) using K562 cells. The Diagenode antibodies targeting H3K4me3 (Cat. No. C15410003), H3K27ac (Cat. No. C15410196), H3K27me3 (Cat. No. C15410195) and H3K9me3 (Cat. No. C15410193) have been used.

  • Additional solutions compatible with the kit

    The kit 24 SI for Tagmented libraries is compliting the kit µChIPmentation for Histones allowing for multiplexing up to 24 samples.

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    Primer indexes for tagmented libraries MANUAL
    The primer indexes for tagmented libraries are PCR primers targeting the Nextera sequencing adapt...
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