ThPOK is a critical multifaceted regulator of myeloid lineagedevelopment.

Basu J. et al.

The transcription factor ThPOK (encoded by Zbtb7b) is well known for its role as a master regulator of CD4 lineage commitment in the thymus. Here, we report an unexpected and critical role of ThPOK as a multifaceted regulator of myeloid lineage commitment, differentiation and maturation. Using reporter and knockout mouse models combined with single-cell RNA-sequencing, progenitor transfer and colony assays, we show that ThPOK controls monocyte-dendritic cell versus granulocyte lineage production during homeostatic differentiation, and serves as a brake for neutrophil maturation in granulocyte lineage-specified cells through transcriptional regulation of lineage-specific transcription factors and RNA via altered messenger RNA splicing to reprogram intron retention.

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August, 2023


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