JAZF1, A Novel p400/TIP60/NuA4 Complex Member, Regulates H2A.ZAcetylation at Regulatory Regions.

Procida, Tara and Friedrich, Tobias and Jack, Antonia P M and Peritore,Martina and Bönisch, Clemens and Eberl, H Christian and Daus, Nadine andKletenkov, Konstantin and Nist, Andrea and Stiewe, Thorsten and Borggrefe,Tilman and Mann, Matthias and Bartk

Histone variants differ in amino acid sequence, expression timing and genomic localization sites from canonical histones and convey unique functions to eukaryotic cells. Their tightly controlled spatial and temporal deposition into specific chromatin regions is accomplished by dedicated chaperone and/or remodeling complexes. While quantitatively identifying the chaperone complexes of many human H2A variants by using mass spectrometry, we also found additional members of the known H2A.Z chaperone complexes p400/TIP60/NuA4 and SRCAP. We discovered JAZF1, a nuclear/nucleolar protein, as a member of a p400 sub-complex containing MBTD1 but excluding ANP32E. Depletion of JAZF1 results in transcriptome changes that affect, among other pathways, ribosome biogenesis. To identify the underlying molecular mechanism contributing to JAZF1's function in gene regulation, we performed genome-wide ChIP-seq analyses. Interestingly, depletion of JAZF1 leads to reduced H2A.Z acetylation levels at > 1000 regulatory sites without affecting H2A.Z nucleosome positioning. Since JAZF1 associates with the histone acetyltransferase TIP60, whose depletion causes a correlated H2A.Z deacetylation of several JAZF1-targeted enhancer regions, we speculate that JAZF1 acts as chromatin modulator by recruiting TIP60's enzymatic activity. Altogether, this study uncovers JAZF1 as a member of a TIP60-containing p400 chaperone complex orchestrating H2A.Z acetylation at regulatory regions controlling the expression of genes, many of which are involved in ribosome biogenesis.

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January, 2021


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