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D-Plex mRNA Capture Module

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Diagenode’s D-Plex mRNA Capture Module is based on oligo d(T) magnetic beads to select only poly(A) tailed RNAs such as mRNAs and some lncRNAs. This method allows manual processing of several samples at a time and can be also adapted for an automated platform. 

The module is using 1 μm paramagnetic beads coated with oligo d (T)25 -mers for magnetic isolation through a gentle pull-down procedure of intact, full-length mRNA. It is thus recommended to use good quality RNA (RIN≥7) as template for mRNA capture. The resulting mRNA-enriched RNA is recommended to be used in combination with the D-Plex Total RNA-seq Kit.

  • Product features
    • D-Plex compatibility: Validated as an enrichment method for D-Plex RNA-seq library preparation protocols
    • Save time. Designed to isolate in 1 hour intact poly(A)-tailed RNAs from cells and tissue
    • Achieve highly effective purification: Generate mRNA sample that is intact and free of DNAs and other RNAs.
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