Auto IPure kit V2

Diagenode’s Auto IPure kit v2 is the only DNA purification kit using magnetic beads, that is specifically optimized for extracting DNA from ChIP and MeDIP (Chromatin IP and Methylated DNA IP) experiments.

It’s a simple and straightforward protocol that delivers pure DNA ready for any downstream application (e.g. next generation sequencing). This approach guarantees a minimal loss of DNA and reaches significantly higher yields than a column purification (see results page...). Comparing to phenol-chloroform extraction, the IPure technology has the advantage of being nontoxic and much easier to be carried out on multiple samples. The use of the magnetic beads allows for a clear separation of DNA and increases therefore the reproducibility of your DNA purification.

Diagenode’s IP-Star system uses the principle of bead-based magnetic separation. Magnetic beads bound with chromatin or DNA are brought to the inner wall of the tip when a strong magnetic force is applied. This differs from other systems that collect the bound DNA on the bottom of a reaction well, resulting in cleaner assays and less carryover.


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    Auto IPure kit v2


  • EpiPlant 2024
    Clermont-Ferrand, France
    Jul 10-Jul 12, 2024


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