Chitosan nano-vehicles as biocompatible delivering tools for a newAg(I)curcuminoid-Gboxin analog complex in cancer and inflammation therapy

Elbehairi, Serag Eldin I. and Ismail, Lamia A. and Alfaifi, Mohammad Y. andElshaarawy, Reda F.M. and Hafez, Hani S.

A novel anticancer and anti-inflammatory agent based on hybrid curcuminoid-Gboxin analog (FLLL49-GbA) and its macromolecular silver(I) complex (Ag(I)FLLL49-GbA) have successfully synthesized. In addition, chitosan nanoparticles (CNPs) were used to encapsulate this macromolecular complex, targeting enhancing its therapeutic effect and minimizing its side impacts. The encapsulated Ag(I) complex was significantly triggered apoptosis (P < 0.05) with much more rapidly release of Ag(I)FLLL49-GbA from the CNPs at pH 5.3 than at pH 7.4, which is beneficial for cancer-targeted drug delivery. Free complex showed promising ability in preventing glucose uptake and lactate production coupled with cellular ATP depletion in cancer cells. Additionally, there was significant decrease in the inflammatory cytokines in breast cancer (MCF-7) and lung cancer (A549) cells with values of P < 0.01 and P < 0.001 after 24 h incubation. Furthermore, the death-inducing proteins have been significantly up-regulated (P < 0.01 to P < 0.001) after 36 h incubation of cancer cells. Consequently, the novel curcuminoid macromolecule showed significant feasibility in triggering the high expression of apoptotic caspases caspase 3, caspase 8, P53, and Bax (P < 0.01 to P < 0.001) after 48 h of chemotherapy. Noteworthy, the cytotoxicity of Ag(I)FLLL49-GbA was significantly increased toward cancer cells (MCF-7 > A549), while, reduced toward normal cells (HeLa) after loading on chitosan Nano-vehicles.


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December, 2020


Products used in this publication

  • ChIP-seq Grade
    p53 polyclonal antibody


  • FASEB Biological Methylation: Fundamental Mechanisms
    Porto, Portugal
    Jul 28-Aug 1, 2024


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