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Inter-laboratory Testing of GMO Detection by Combinatory SYBR®Green PCR Screening (CoSYPS)

Barbau-Piednoir E, Stragier P, Roosens N, Mazzara M, Savini C, Eede G, Bulcke M

Combinatory SYBR®Green real-time PCR Screening (CoSYPS) is an efficient, sensitive approach for detecting complex targets such as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food and feed products. GMO analysis for legal purposes has become increasingly complex and costly due to the diversity in recombinant targets present in the different GMOs. For this reason, screening for the presence of GMOs is in general the first step in the detection of GM material in a product. CoSYPS allows detecting the large majority of globally commercial GMOs using SYBR®Green real-time PCR methods for six GM targets (P35S, Tnos, CryIAb, CP4-EPSPS, PAT and BAR) combined with species-specific PCR methods (e.g., maize, soy, rapeseed). Here, the results of an inter-laboratory trial on seven samples with different GMO mixtures at different levels are presented. In total, 13 laboratories participated in the trial and the currently most frequently used PCR analysis platforms are represented. The inter-laboratory study clearly demonstrates that PCR methods used in CoSYPS form a very robust GMO screening system. Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values are for all PCR methods higher than 95 % for all samples. Together, these results show that the SYBR®Green real-time PCR methods used in CoSYPS are effectively applicable to different PCR platforms and amendable to configuration into a sensitive high-throughput GMO screening and decision support tool.

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March, 2014




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