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Analysis of sDMA modifications of PIWI proteins.

Honda S, Kirino Y, Kirino Y.

Arginine methylation is an important posttranslational protein modification that modulates protein function for a wide range of biological processes. PIWI proteins, a subclade of the Argonaute family proteins, contain evolutionarily conserved symmetrical dimethylarginines (sDMAs). It has become increasingly apparent that the sDMAs of PIWI proteins serve as binding elements for TUDOR domain-containing proteins and that sDMA-dependent protein interactions play crucial roles in the biogenesis and function of PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs). We describe a method for detecting PIWI sDMAs and purifying PIWI/piRNA complexes using anti-sDMA antibodies.

Tissue Homogenization

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