Water cooler, 115V

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1 unit

This water cooling system allows continuous (Bioruptor® Standard or Plus) or regulated cooling (Bioruptor® Plus or Pico) of the Bioruptor sonication bath. The regulated valve (Single Cycle valve) ensures that water will only be replaced during the OFF cycle to avoid any interference between the water flow and the sonication process.

  • 特徴
    Operating temperature range -20 ... 40°C
    Temperature adjustment digital
    Temperature indication digital
    Internal temperature sensor Pt100
    Resolution of display 0.1 K
    Temperature stability at -10°C 0,2 K
    Safety classification Class I/NFL
    Cooling power
    at 15°C
    at 0°C
    at -10°C
    at -20°C
    0.3 kW
    0.2 kW
    0.14 kW
    0.07 kW
    Refrigeration machine air-cooled, natural
    Refrigerant R290
    Refrigerant quantity 0.04 kg
    Circulation pump Pressure- and suction pump
    max. delivery 20 l/min
    max. delivery pressure 0.2 bar
    max. delivery (suction) 17 l/min
    Pump connection G 1/4" female thread
    min. filling capacity 1.4 l
    Volume of expansion 2.6 l
    Overall dimensions WxDxH ** 225x360x380 mm
    Net weight 23 kg
    Power supply requirement 230V 1~ 50/60Hz
    max. current 2.8 A
    Fuse (1 phase) 4 A
    min. ambient temperature 5°C
    max. ambient temperature 40°C
  •  資料
    Bioruptor® Water Cooler manual MANUAL
    Operation manual to proceed with transport, start-up, operation, maintenance, repairs,...
    Single Cycle Valve manual MANUAL
    The Single Cycle Valve for Bioruptor® as well as all components from this parcel, inclu...
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