iST cartridge holder for the Bioruptor Pico (PreOmics)

Bioruptor Pico Leap tube holder
Highly reproducible
Up to 20 PreOmics' cartridges
One-tube workflow
Minimize sample loss
1 pack

The iST cartridge holder has been especially designed for being used with the Bioruptor® Pico sonication device and with the PreOmics iST sample preparation kits (8/96 reactions kits by PreOmics GmbH - P.O.00001/P.O.00027) and iST-NHS sample preparation kits (12/96 reactions kits by PreOmics GmbH - P.O.00026/P.O.00030). The holder is perfectly suited to process up to 20 PreOmics' cartridges, thus drastically reducing overall processing time and minimizing potential sample loss when operating with low input amounts. A convenient dock allows preparing the samples in a user-friendly manner.


We at PreOmics are using the Bioruptor® Pico on a daily basis along with the iST kits for our protein sample processing workflows. The ultrasonication-based lysis greatly improves cell and tissue disruption, as well as shearing of DNA, generating samples with significantly increased peptide and protein identifications. The Bioruptor Pico in our lab has successfully processed several thousands of samples such as cells, mammalian and plant tissues, bacteria or yeast. We are highly satisfied with the handling and reproducibility of the instrument and recommend it to improve sample preparation for protein analysis.

Dr. Fabian Hosp, Head of Applications, PreOmics, Martinsried, Germany


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