November 7, 2017
Diagenode launches new ChIPmentation™ technology to investigate proteins and DNA interactions from very low input amounts
Diagenode’s new ChIPmentation system ensures high quality chromatin immunoprecipitation and library preparation from low input and difficult samples

November 6, 2017
New streamlined NGS library preparation for using Diagenode’s Bioruptor® and the Bioline JetSeq® Flex DNA Library Preparation Kit
Combination of the Bioruptor and JetSeq kit provides efficient solution for high quality library preparation compatible with Illumina NGS platforms

August 23, 2017
Diagenode KK Grand Opening in Japan
July 2017 marks the opening of our new Diagenode office in Japan

July 14, 2017
Diagenode and PreOmics Launch New Streamlined Sample Preparation Solution for Proteomic Analyses
The Diagenode Bioruptor® in combination with the PreOmics iST Kit greatly enhances protein and peptide identifications

June 14, 2017
Diagenode licenses new ChIPmentation technology for low input library preparation for ChIP-sequencing
Diagenode’s new agreement with the CeMM Research Center of Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences will enable ChIP-sequencing from low input and difficult samples

January 20, 2017
Diagenode Announces New Collaboration to Develop a High-Sensitivity DNA Amplification Method for Sequencing
Diagenode reinforces collaboration with the Heidelberg University Hospital and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) for the development of a DNA amplification method for NGS library preparation


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    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    May 6-May 9, 2024



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