LC-MS measurement of whole-body uptake of pharmaceuticals in zebrafish using the Bioruptor® Plus for sample preparation

The laboratory for Pharmaceutical Analysis at KU Leuven is developing innovative separation and detection techniques in pharmaceutical applications. Within the Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, the research group of Professor Deirdre Cabooter is specifically working on the implementation of different liquid chromatography (LC) based techniques for pharmaceutical and bio-analytical purposes. These techniques include 2D-LC and capillary LC hyphenated with mass spectrometry. Another emphasis is on the fundamental investigation of novel chromatographic supports and the development of generic separation strategies for complex samples.


  • Bioruptor Plus Sonication Device
    Bioruptor® Plus sonication device


  • FASEB Biological Methylation: Fundamental Mechanisms
    Porto, Portugal
    Jul 28-Aug 1, 2024


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