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A dataset of definitive endoderm and hepatocyte differentiations fromhuman induced pluripotent stem cells.
Published: February, 2023

Abstract: Hepatocytes are a major parenchymal cell type in the liver and play an essential role in liver function. Hepatocyte-like cells can be differentiated in vitro from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) via definitive endoderm (DE)-like cells and h...
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GATA6 is predicted to regulate DNA methylation in an in vitro model ofhuman hepatocyte differentiation.
Published: May, 2022

Abstract: Hepatocytes are the dominant cell type in the human liver, with functions in metabolism, detoxification, and producing secreted proteins. Although gene regulation and master transcription factors involved in the hepatocyte differentiation have bee...
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Rhesus macaques self-curing from a schistosome infection can displaycomplete immunity to challenge
Published: October, 2021

Abstract: The rhesus macaque provides a unique model of acquired immunity against schistosomes, which afflict \>200 million people worldwide. By monitoring bloodstream levels of parasite-gut-derived antigen, we show that from week 10 onwards an establish...
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Niche stiffening compromises hair follicle stem cell potential duringageing by reducing bivalent promoter accessibility.
Published: July, 2021

Abstract: Tissue turnover requires activation and lineage commitment of tissue-resident stem cells (SCs). These processes are impacted by ageing, but the mechanisms remain unclear. Here, we addressed the mechanisms of ageing in murine hair follicle SCs (HFS...
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  • Symposium: "Signaling through Chromatin"
    Grenoble, France
    Oct 2-Oct 4, 2023
  • EMBL Symposium: The non-coding genome
    Heidelberg, Germany
    Oct 11-Oct 14, 2023
    Crete, Greece
    Oct 15-Oct 20, 2023



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