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Unparalleled ChIP and ChIP-Seq results with rigorously validated antibodies

Since 2004, Diagenode has partnered with leading epigenetics experts and the epigenetics consortium to produce and validate epigenetic reagents including antibodies. In 2012, Diagenode revolutionized immunoprecipitation with a novel, rigorous antibody classification system for epigenetic assays. We have established a novel categorization of our antibodies into three different classes dependent on their level of validation to help you establish confidence in choosing your antibody. Finally, achieve robust results with antibodies you can TRUST. Read about our expertise in antibody production.

  • Focused - Diagenode's selection of antibodies is exclusively dedicated for epigenetic research.
  • Strict quality standards with rigorous QC and validation
  • Classified based on level of validation for flexibility of application

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5 star rating in our catalog. Fully validated antibodies, selected for high specificity and sensitivity. These antibodies provide superior performance for any application with a main focus on ChIP-seq.

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4 star rating in our catalog. Validated through standard procedures in the market for most immunoassays including ChIP.

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3 star rating in our catalog. Novel antibodies successfully validated for specificity against corresponding antigen available at low cost.

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New High Quality Antibodies


H3K27me3S28p polyclonal antibody – Classic
HDAC2 monoclonal antibody – Classic
CTCF polyclonal antibody – Classic
H3K64me3 polyclonal antibody – Classic
H2BK12ac polyclonal antibody – Classic
H3K56ac polyclonal antibody – Classic

H2AK5ac polyclonal antibody – Classic
MeCP2 polyclonal antibody – Classic
DNMT3B polyclonal antibody – Classic
MYH11 polyclonal antibody – Classic
H2A.XS139p polyclonal antibody – Classic
H2BK15ac polyclonal antibody – Classic

List of Antibodies by target

DNA methylation

Histone H1 and modified H1

Histone H2 and modified H2

Histone H3 and modified H3

Histone H4 and modified H4

Chromatin modifying proteins: Histone deacetylase

Chromatin modifying proteins: Histone demethylase

Chromatin modifying proteins: Histone transferase

Chromatin modifying and/or associated proteins

Transcription factor

Nuclear receptor


Protein Tag

Isotype controls