Antibody ChIP-seq quality control
using the SX-8G IP-Star® Compact

SX-8G IP-Star® Compact

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Fully Automated Solutions
for your Epigenetic Research

  • Simplify and fortify your ChIP, MeDIP, and MethylCap experiments
  • Automate library preparations for your epigenetic workflows
  • Reduce variability between operators and labs
  • Increase the productivity in your lab
  • Optimize multiple parameters in the same experiment
  • Massive time savings
  • Simple operating procedure
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A true walk-away system

Diagenode is an innovative leader in life sciences tools, providing products and technologies for epigenetics, genomics,and diagnostics. Diagenode offers the first automated platforms for epigenetics assays that are unique to the epiegenetics field. Diagenode has designed the SX-8G IP-Star® Compact automation system to make ChIP and DNA methylation studies accessible and reproducible, and ensure consistent data in every experiment regardless of the operator. Diagenode Automated Platforms replace the numerous manual, error-prone steps of complex epigenetic applications with a reliable, highly consistent and automated process that requires minimal operator intervention. In addition, Diagenode Automated Systems minimize sample carryover, data variability, and costly errors. The platforms offer full workflow support for epigenetics research, utilizing our complete kits and laboratory-validated protocols to rapidly deliver high-quality and consistent data.


Whole genome mapping of histone modifications with automated ChIP-seq experiments

This figure shows the profiles obtained with antibodies against (1) H3K4me3, H3K9ac and H3K9/14ac, histone modifications that are present at active promoters, (2) H3K4me2 which is surrounding promoters of active genes, (3) H3K79me3 present at promoters of active genes and extending into the gene body, and (4) H3K36me3, present at the gene bodies of active genes. The screenshots below show the peak distribution along the complete X-chromosome and in a 75 kb region surrounding theGAPDH gene


Transcription Factor Binding Studies with IP-Star® Compact automated System

Automated chromatin immunoprecipitation

ChIP data from AML1-ETO antibody in two different genomic regions on the PTK2 promoter region.
ChIP analysis of ET0 and control IgG antibody in SKNO-1 cells treated with a siRNA that specifically targets the fusion site in AML1-ETO (siAGF1), a mismatch control (siAGF6) and cells without siRNA treatment (Mock). In the left diagrams (A and C), results are shown in % of input. On the right panel, results are shown as fold enrichment versus the control antibody for the three different siRNA conditions.

Automated ChIP experiments in the IP-Star® Compact Automated System can be used to detect changes in transcription factor binding after treatment with small interference RNAs. Compared to conventionnal ChIP, the use of the SX-8G IP-Star® Compact in combination with the Auto ChIP kit saves working time and improves the reproducibility of ChIP experiments.

We th

ank S.Prall, C. Bonifer and O. Heidenreich for providing this data.


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