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50 µg/53 µl
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Polyclonal antibody raised in rabbit against histone H3, using a KLH-conjugated synthetic peptide from the C-terminus containing no modified amino acids.

Concentration0.95 µg/µl
Species reactivityHuman
PurityAffinity purified
PrecautionsThis product is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Applications Suggested dilution References
ELISA 1:50 Fig 1
Western Blotting 1:500 Fig 2
  • Validation Data

    ELISA figure 1

    Figure 1. Determination of the antibody titer
    To determine the titer of the antibody, an ELISA was performed using a serial dilution of the Diagenode antibody directed against H3pan (Cat. No. pAb-059-050), crude serum and Flow Through in antigen coated wells. By plotting the absorbance against the antibody dilution (Figure 1), the titer of the purified antibody was estimated to be 1:400.

    WB figure 1

    Figure 2. Western blot analysis using the Diagenode antibody directed against H3pan
    Histone extracts of NB4 (human promyelocytic leukemia) cells, treated with all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) to induce cell differentiation, were analysed by Western blot using the Diagenode antibody against H3pan (Cat. No. pAb-059-050), diluted of 1:500 in TBS-Tween, containing 5% skimmed milk. Figure 2 shows the results for cells treated with ATRA for 168 h (lane 1) and 24 h (lane 2) and of untreated control cells (lane 3). A molecular weight marker (in kDa) is shown on the left, the location of the protein of interest is shown on the right.

  • Applications
    Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Read more
    Western blot : The quality of antibodies used in this technique is crucial for correct and specific protein identification. Diagenode offers huge selection of highly sensitive and specific western blot-validated antibodies. Learn more about: Load... Read more
  • Documents
    Datasheet H3pan pAb-059-050 DATASHEET
    Datasheet description
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