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MagMeDIP-seq Package

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MeDIP(メチル化DNA免疫沈降)の後にシーケンスを実行し、5-メチルシトシン抗体と磁気ビーズを使用してサンプルのDNAメチル化状態を検出します。 当社のキットには、最適化されたユーザーフレンドリーなプロトコールでメチル化DNAの最高濃縮を実現する、高品質の試薬が含まれています。

このパッケージには、cDNA抽出からライブラリー調製、品質チェックに及ぶ、必要な物が全て含まれています。 MagMeDIPテクノロジーの強さとiDeal Library調製テクニックのパワーを組み合わせることで、NGS互換のMeDIP-seqアッセイが可能です。



  • cDNA抽出からライブラリー調製までの完全なワークフロー
  • 24時間以内に内部統制で一貫性のある結果を生成
  • 1本のチューブに多数の試薬をまとめて、エラーを最小限に抑える
  • IPureによる最高の精製
  • IP化された材料とメチル化状態を直接相関可能

Figure 1. IP results obtained with Diagenode MagMeDIP qPCR Kit. MeDIP assays were performed manually using DNA from blood, Gm12878, Hela and U20S cells and the MagMeDIP qPCR kit (Diagenode). The DNA was prepared with the XL GenDNA Extraction Module included. The IP was performed including the kit meDNA and unDNA spike-in controls, together with the human DNA sample controls. The DNA was isolated/purified using DIB. Afterwards, qPCR was performed using the primer pairs also included in this kit.

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    DNA methylation of the Tacr2 gene in a CUMS model of depression.
    Xiang D, Xiao J, Fu L, Yao L, Wan Q, Xiao L, Zhu F, Wang G, Liu Z
    Tacr2, the gene encoding the NK2 receptor, belongs to G protein-coupled receptors. Accumulating evidence has indicated that the tachykinin receptors may contribute to the pathophysiology of depression. During the last decade, some studies have shown that Tacr2 activation is involved in the modulation of emotional pr...

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    The use of liquid biopsies for cancer detection and management is rapidly gaining prominence. Current methods for the detection of circulating tumour DNA involve sequencing somatic mutations using cell-free DNA, but the sensitivity of these methods may be low among patients with early-stage cancer given the limited ...

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