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5-hmC, 5-mC & cytosine DNA standard pack for hMeDIP

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The hydroxymethylated DNA standard is a linear dsDNA that has been produced by PCR using the Diagenode’s MethylTaq DNA polymerase and Diagenode’s hydroxymethyl dCTPs replacing normal cytosine nucleotides. The methylated and unmethylated standards have been produced using synthetic oligonucleotides. For the methylated standard, the normal cytosine nucleotides have been replaced by methylcytosine nucleotides. None of these standard show significant homology with human, mouse or rat genomic sequences.The sequences of these controls are different allowing for using all of them in the same tube.

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    DNA Methylation Solutions BROCHURE
    Complete solution for DNA methylation studies! Whether you are experienced or new to th...
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    TET3 prevents terminal differentiation of adult NSCs by a non-catalytic action at Snrpn.
    Montalbán-Loro R, Lozano-Ureña A, Ito M, Krueger C, Reik W, Ferguson-Smith AC, Ferrón SR
    Ten-eleven-translocation (TET) proteins catalyze DNA hydroxylation, playing an important role in demethylation of DNA in mammals. Remarkably, although hydroxymethylation levels are high in the mouse brain, the potential role of TET proteins in adult neurogenesis is unknown. We show here that a non-catalytic action o...

    Longitudinal Effects of Developmental Bisphenol A Exposure on Epigenome-Wide DNA Hydroxymethylation at Imprinted Loci in Mouse Blood.
    Kochmanski JJ, Marchlewicz EH, Cavalcante RG, Perera BPU, Sartor MA, Dolinoy DC
    BACKGROUND: Epigenetic machinery plays an important role in genomic imprinting, a developmental process that establishes parent-of-origin-specific monoallelic gene expression. Although a number of studies have investigated the role of 5-methylcytosine in imprinting control, the contribution of 5-hydroxymethylcytosin...

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